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2015 Wuxi International Marathon

Date: 2015-03-15
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In March 15th, the 2015 Wuxi international marathon held successfully, which attracted 30,000 runners all over the world to participate in the events. The number of runners who entered for full and half marathon is 20,000, its scale was far more than last year's.

Continuing the theme of last year----“running in the picture”, “the most beautiful marathon track in China” was one of the biggest bright spots in the event. It added more beauty of lakes and mountains which was fun to watch.

2015 Wuxi international marathon was hosted by the Chinese athletics association, Jiangsu province sports bureau and the people's government. The organization committee has been called as “the best organization committee".

Pegasustrip also registered for Wuxi international marathon. Fortunatelly, all of our runners succeeded in finishing the events and getting good records. Some runners of Pegasustrip said that it was their first time to participate in Full/Half marathon. They really enjoyed the events, all of the runners were friendly. The atmosphere was great. “When I finished the race I found that I still alive!! Bravo!!” a runner said.

There were a lot of special runners: Spiderman, Superman, bears, Bartender, Little swans which caught people’s eyes deeply. In the track , a dad also used carts running with his son. Besides, someone ran with her dog. The scenery was interesting. Zhonggen Gu, a 72 - year - old old man, who had run marathons for 30 years became the “star” in Wuxi international marathon. He had run 8 marathon last year, and he said that he would run Suzhou international marathon and Yangzhou international marathon in the following days. He insisted on running 8 marathon every year. All of the runners moved by his spirit. “Come on! Come on! "shouted the audience again and again.

1 air medical rescue helicopters, 12 ambulance, 36 emergency health care workers, 140 "the first reaction" volunteers - strong emergency medical camp ensured the safety and the order of the Wuxi international marathon. Chinese runner Zicheng Li first crossed the finish line, become the first man of Men’s full marathon. The record was 02:18:23. Kenya runner Bett Kipngetich won the second prize, the record was 02:29:06. Another Chinese runner Peiquan You won the third. The recorded was 02:31:09. Linming Chen won the Women’s full marathon.The record was 02:51:43. Shuai Yang, from Shanghai, won the first of the Men’s half marathon.

The other records being updated.

See you in Wuxi in 2016!!

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